Friday, May 21, 2010

Opinions Please

I would like to introduce you all to the Wednesday morning class. Rugby has missed this class all semester since I have had school, but he is glad to be back! Wednesday morning is for competitive obedience and is filled with dogs of all levels from novice to utility. All of these dogs work only for a combination of their intrinsic desire to work and for praise.

Obviously Rugby was there, but there are not any photos of him working since I couldn't handle him and take pictures of myself. :p This is him patiently waiting his turn and wondering why I have left him.

Next is Caruso the standard poodle.

And Cabot, the 14 month old Brussels Griffon.
He found a moth in the second picture and was showing me it.

Then there is Ellie, and you guys already know her.

Lastly is Sugar, he is a 6 month old lab.

The whole gang. The black lab is Pete who is in the class but can't work in it untill his shoulder feels better. He was not happy about having to just watch.

But there is something much more important that introducting you all to these cool dogs. We have a board and train dog that we are arguing over (all in good fun).
The question is - does he look more like a Mogwai, an Ewok, or a Tribble?
While he is cute either way, this is an important question! LOL

So what do you guys think??
Not to influence your decision at al but, come on! Doesn't he look kinda like this Mogwai?!


  1. They're all gorgeous! What a sharp group of dogs! Wow!

    I have to vote that he looks like an Ewok! He's definitely cute as all get out!

  2. I'd say most like an Ewok. If the ears were prick or more bat like, I'd say Mogwai, but I really don't see Tribble at all.

  3. Tribble. Tribble. Tribble. He's a Tribble all the way. Truly he is.

  4. Yeah, a miniature Ewok gets my vote! lol