Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice Long Walk

To better clarify the challenge rules - puppies don't count. :p More specifically, 12 months or older.
AND I have some really good prize ideas but still need a few more votes to pick which ones to use.

These pictures are from our trip to the lake last weekend. I thought for a second that those geese would try to eat Rugby especially since there were all those babies but they didn't mind him at all and just moved out of our way. More shocking is that Rugby didn't mind them either. I don't think he looked twice at them!!

I have no explanation for this. (??)

Did I mention Rugby is working 5 articles yet? He is doing better with more articles than he was with less. I am so happy. Now to convince him he can smell without his tongue, hmmmm

Go outs are much better. I didn't think we were actually make that much progress but we attempted a run through again last week and he pulled it off! Still needs work, but he is going 40ft now more or less straight, and that was without any target sticks for him to retrieve.

I have started doing just the signals for the directed jumping (minus go outs obvisously). Today was the first day that I moved the jumps apart and just used signals. I am wondering if we should also be working them at full distance with voice and signal while we work our way up to full distance with just signals. I just started thinking this because when we do our run throughs the jumping part is getting a little worse since we aren't practicing them in that way for now. ...Or maybe we should just stop doing them in run throughs untill they are actually ready!

Signals... sigh. They are better, much better actually but still seem sooo far away.