Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tick Neck Park

Friday Rugby and I took a trip to Tick Neck Park for the first time to do some training and check out the trails. Since it was right next to a high school there was kids running laps around the park and a field hockey team practicing on one of the fields.

We got there right before all the commotion started so we headed out onto the baseball field to practice our go-outs. I officially hate go-outs.

After go-outs we did gloves. Green gloves in the green grass - it needs some work to be consistent but not too bad!

Signals we moved into the shade for and worked both beside the playground and beside the field hockey practice. He did the signals at about 25ft and it didn't bother him too much. He wasn't entirely convinced that he was supposed to come to me on the recall signal. A couple of times I had to help him remember by hooking his lunge line to him and reeling him in.

Then we were done training so I gave him a full 15ft of line to explore as we walked around the park. Most of the time Rugby just fell into heel position beside me, except for the few times he pounced on an unsuspecting leaf. The trails were pretty disappointing, but it was long enough to give Rugby a good cool down after training.

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  1. beautiful photo, I should have taken you with me to the show at Montgomery:-)