Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunset Park

I am sure the blog will get bored of watching Rugby do directed jumping before we get tired of practicing them. Bored or not, you get to see it again! This video is from Sunday at Tick Neck Park with Caruso.

School were closed so people could get out there and vote (we made sure to go *wink*). So we went to a one of the local schools to practice them again. The park behind the school is called 'Sunset Park.'
The directed jumping was better today then they were on Sunday, in the video. The 'warm up' time he needs to be able to do them decently is getting shorter and shorter. Once that warm up time is sufficiently short, I can start bugging him about sitting straight, etc. We really need baby gates though since he won't be running out in the middle of no where when he has to do this in the ring. Until then, I need to find some walls and fences to do them towards. I have some great ideas about proofing the directed jumping, but I don't think Rugby is quite ready for that challenge. Practice, practice, practice.

Next was signals. The kids from the surrounding neighborhoods were a great distraction for Rugby, and I had to help him out with the first one. It was just what he needed though, because from then on he didn't take him eyes of me.

Last thing we did was gloves. We were in the grass, so I had him retrieve a green glove, #3. The other two were brown and showed up much better than the green one. Apparently we need to practice these more, since he tried going for the brown, #2 glove the first time instead of following my direction.

He seemed like he still had lots of energy left so we finished with a couple retrieves over the high jump and retrieves on the flat. Rugby carried his own leash all the way back to the car. Good Boy, Rugby!