Friday, April 1, 2011

Smart Dogs

Directed Jumping Proofing

See Rugby all the way out there? Margot gave us a good idea the other day. She had us leave the corner gloves out while we did go-outs so Rugby would have to go where he is sent. Just another way to reinforce the 'taking direction' part of both exercises. 

The past three times we practiced this Rugby ignored the gloves and gave me great go-outs. To make the exercise a little bit harder, after a good Directed Jumping exercise at ring distance with the gloves in the corners, I moved each jump out 6 additional ft.

If you look close, you can see the gloves way out there with Rugby too. They were much more tempting since both gloves were now inside the jumps, AND Rugby had to go much further to get to each of the jumps. After three tries, he got the hang of it and did the entire Directed Jumping exercise with the gloves and jumps set like that. Good job, Rugby! 

Rugby & Diesel Waiting

Halfway through the training session, Rugby and Diesel had to wait while I rearranged the jumps. Rugby got to wait in his crate so he would stay warm on the sidelines. This was also the first day I trusted Diesel enough to leave him on a stay and not back tie him to something (although he did keep his leash on). He officially has a "hold" now too! Good job, Diesel!

Diesel 'Hold'
P.S. - It wasn't really that dark out, but the flash makes it seem that way.


  1. OMG!! Where did you shoot that first pic from?? The bleachers?

    And lookit how smart Diesel looks holding his dumbbell. I think I see some clarity in those eyes!

  2. Is Diesel your new dog? He is very cute with that dumbbell.

  3. Haha, not quite the bleachers, but pretty close to the edge of the field. :p

    Nope, Diesel is just a friend's dog that I have been working with. Well, when I have time anyways...

  4. Interesting about the go outs and gloves! I'm still a Utility Newbie so learning a lots. :) that's a cute picture, Rugby is so small. LOL. And yay for Diesel's hold!