Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farm Sitting

Rugby's Chicken

Rugby is farm sitting this week with me. He isn't allowed to meet any of the goats, or horses, or ducks because I am afraid he will get stepped on. He has met the chickens though. I can't tell any of the chickens apart, but there is one that consistently follows Rugby through the fence. Rugby is not interested in them at all. If he was, these two would be quite the odd couple!

By the way, do you like Rugby's new haircut? You can see a 'before' shot on the Applewoods blog, in the video of him being a jump for a 4lb Toy Poodle...


  1. WOWZERZ! That iz one big bird - even fer us Beaglez - bet it iz az tall az us an'definitely taller than u. Watch out Rugby - don't let it git tu close - it mite want u fer a snack. Happy farm sittin'.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  2. Mmmmm..... tastes like chicken!

  3. Mmmmm..... tastes like chicken!

  4. Such a cute pictures! That is a big bird.... :)