Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Send Your Dog

We have been breaking each exercise down and re-building it so that we both have it down a little better. In the process, I focused on a problem with our scent articles. I was giving the signal the wrong way. When I corrected myself, Rugby's direct send to the pile started getting wider and wider. Not cool.

We started playing around with the send to the pile for the past week or so changing how we did it each time to see what helped and what didn't. Today we ONLY did scent articles and I used two driveway markers to be a barrier to keep him from going wide.

There were a couple times that he got so worried about the send that he searched frantically through the pile for the right one and made a few mistakes. I gave him some extra help to prevent it and he started getting the right articles easily again.

If this doesn't prove itself by next week we will switch over to the other option - send after a sit. Lets just hope Rugby is patient with me!

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