Friday, January 13, 2012


Rugby has been put in plenty of questionable situations. At least he thinks so. I can't decide if it is his nature to trust my judgement, or if in the three years of Obedience training, Rugby has learned to trust my judgement. It is probably a combination of the two.

I went back through some of our photos and found plenty of examples of those situations. Ones where Rugby had to trust me, and hope for the best!

Like the time I had him balance on the edge of Diesel's fireplace mantel, while K.C. investigated from the ground.
  Day 10

Or the time when I had Rugby ride in the swinging basket while one of his classmates (Sugar, the lab) carried him around.
  Day 22

Sometime before or after our Thursday night class, Rugby participated in a stunt where he "placed" onto a five year old.

He also makes a very good broad jump, if you lose or break one of your boards.

Not to mention, he is trusting with other dogs too. Meet Tiny, Rugby's body guard.

I have quite a few more, but I think I should stop while I am ahead. No matter if it is a breed trait, or one that was due primarily to training, life is so much funner with a trusting dog.


  1. Wow those pictures are really something. I really like the one of him on the mantel.

    Trust is important in our training too. When training blind retrieves, half the battle is getting the dog to understand and trust that you will get him to the bird the quickest way possible.

  2. Trust a really hard thing to gain, Great job!!

  3. I think the photos say it all!! Especially being a jumping board!!

  4. Great pictures. He looks like an ornament on the fireplace mantel! Love the pic of him and his "body guard"!

  5. Wow! Rugby, you are one brave dog! I would not let another doggie jump over me.. what if they land on my pug body?

  6. Wow that is one awesome dog rugby! Life is funner with a trusting dog.


  7. Trust -- Hear hear!! And those are AWESOME photos, as usual :)