Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rugby, Over!


The past few weeks of training have not been enough for Rugby. He was begging to be worked when we got to Applewoods this morning. We went outside and spent time doing figure eights, figure eights and more figure eights. The figure eight looked much better by the time we were finished. Rugby collected all the cones we used as posts, then warmed up in the office for a few minutes. 


The broad jump was next. I wasn't happy with the broad jump, or the front after the broad jump in class last week. We have been working hard to get Rugby to jump straighter over the broad jump. His understanding of the exercise is growing. I can now send him straight over the jump without leaving his side. This means I can stand by the first board, and give Rugby time to walk into a decent front. At least, that is how I expect it to work. Since he no longer needs my body cues to take the jump correctly, taking pictures of him jumping is much easier! He loves to jump! 

Last thing we did was practice fronts. I know we need to practice fronts and finishes over and over again, but doing more than a couple bores me to death. I have been trying hard to stay motivated and get all my repetitions in. Similar to the broad jump, I have been trying to increase Rugby's understanding of the "come" position. I think it is slowly working. We will see how it goes during class next week. 


  1. I love the photo of Rugby jumping straight toward you! Great! Enter it in a contest this year!

  2. Rugby is awesome, he really lined up nice!!