Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Dog Bag

Since Diesel was working so nicely in Novice and Open, why not start him in Utility? We started the Utility exercise and another problem presented itself. Now that he has his own set of articles, he also needed a good way to carry them around. For a short time we were using an old soft sided dog carrier that belonged to my first dog. It was less than ideal. Not only because the articles were not easily accessible... it was also pink. Poor dog.

One of our friends had just gotten a brand new article bag from OTCH Articles, and highly recommended the bags to us. We were sold! Linda was a joy to work with. She sent us several design options and modified the embroidery to fit our tastes.

The bag has two pockets, one on each side and a velcro closure on top. It makes dumping the articles out and putting them back in very easy! I ordered the medium sized bag for Diesel and his 4" triple bar articles fit perfectly!

If you are looking for a new scent article bag, Linda gets our vote! Diesel's training was put on hold along with the blog the last couple of weeks, but we are excited to pick back up again and use our new bag! 


  1. Nice bag. Is there something that makes you decide what style of article to use for your dog (triple bar, single, etc)?

  2. Looks like the perfect bag for your needs!

  3. triple bar style are easier for the dogs to pick up I think. That is what I have. Wow, we had better hurry and get our UD before we have to compete with Diesel and Sam! HaHa!

  4. Wow! Diesel sure has come a long way. He has turned into a completely different dog... Moves differently. Works like a champ. And it's all that hard work you put into him! Who would've thought?!!

  5. He looks fantastic with his man bag! :) That bag really does look perfect for the job!