Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holly's Turn

Holly earned her third and final leg today at the Oriole Dog Training Club's Obedience Trial for her Companion Dog title. Not only did she qualify with a score of 193, but she also earned 4th place!

I have noticed a definite change in her since the last set of shows around the yard. She is starting to BEG for training, and thoroughly enjoys being the prized "working dog" in the yard. She has even started to give up her beloved Jolly Balls if she thinks she will be worked. Even better for her if the other dogs are competing for the same attention. It must make her feel special.

She lost 3.5 points on Heeling, none for the Stand for Exam, 2.5 on Off-Lead Heeling and 1 point for the recall. I am happy with her! I think Holly has caught the dog show bug, so you might see her in Open before too much longer! Here is a video from this afternoon...

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