Monday, August 13, 2012

Cutest and Smartest

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I am absolutely positive that Rugby was the cutest and smartest Maltese at this years All Stars Obedience Championships.

The style of the tournament was similar to the National Obedience Invitationals since he did a mix of both Open and Utility exercises in each ring. There were a few differences, like the extra set of stays and more exercises in each ring at All Stars that took a little adjusting.

I wasn't quite so nervous about the format, or his ability to make it through the weekend this time. He has gotten so much more experience under his belt over the last six months that he is hardly the same dog in the ring than he was back in December. We did learn from our NOI experience and had our "doggie crack" treats ready (with 60% fat) so he could stay energized. I still haven't perfected the timing, and he might have been too exuberant for a round or two.

While he was not precise, he was consistent and happy in the ring. Rugby did not fail a single exercise, and even managed to make me laugh a couple of times. I excused his mistakes to the fact that the tournament required a large amount of mental stamina that I did not prepare him for.

Rugby finished the weekend in 7th place, out of 27 in the Super Stars class. I'm glad he made it into the top 10, and given that his name is Mister Rugby Sevens, he couldn't have gotten a more appropriate placement.

We have already signed up for the next tournament. We will work hard to get ready for Orlando, Part II.

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