Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Learning Experience

Rugby went to his second agility match yesterday. I have learned a lot from watching the videos of his run, and I know there are lots of things we need to work on.

I expected him to need help with the closed tunnel and the tire, since he has only seen those obstacles once before. He did need help. The tire was in much worse shape than the closed tunnel, for Rugby. We need to get busy making one so he can practice more frequently.

Hi first run wasn't bad, but he was a little distracted and did some sniffing along the way. I was happy to see that he didn't balk at the "new" teeter or weaves like he did at the last match. The course ends at the tire jump in the first run, then we re-did the bad parts (closed tunnel & tire).

Before the second run, I have him a verbal correction for sniffing outside of the ring, and raced him a little bit to get him fired up. I think it helped with the sniffing and distractions inside the ring. I realize now from watching the video that I am not doing the best job of helping him on the teeter. We will work on that. Tire was still a problem in the second run. No surprise there. Again, we need to build one so we can work on it.

Still a work in progress, but it is getting better!