Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time

Rugby had a wonderful christmas. He helped me make a ton of dog cookies and he got turkey neck breakfast and was cooked a spring vegetable dinner (asparagus, scallions, cauliflower, carrots...yum). He loved all of it...he is such a pig ;). So Margot keeps telling me how dogs sort of 'group' together based on how much training they have had, and I could sort of see it in the yard but...
We had a guest dog stay the night at our house christmas eve (pretty much with no training) and Mr Rugby the charmer wanted nothing to do with her. He barked at her, sniffed her, and then pretended she wasn't there the rest of the day. He did the same thing with my cousins italian greyhound minus the barking. These were both small dogs and he loves to play with pretty much any type of dog, but not these ones. Only the dogs at Margots I guess LOL. I was almost worried about him christmas day since he wasn't really wanting to play the whole day and a half she was here, then she left and he took a nap and woke up and was a mad man again. Yeah for Rugby! That basically means that Rugby snobbed them because they were too 'stupid' haha.

He was so well behaved with everone over the house and even though he was just chillin under the table most of the time, he made sure to know where I was (without me asking him too) and if I happened to leave the bet there was a little fluffball following me. I was pleased with him.

I have to admit we haven't really been training too much. We have played some games though. When there were a couple of crazy kids over my house the other day, Rugby and I practiced some fetches. I think that is what we need to work on....distractions distractions distractions. We also took a few more pictures and we placed a lot that day. We pulled out our negative space yesterday and did a couple then too. We are going to get back to work today though....I promise.

Pictures from the last photoshoot are on a different computer, but I will put them up eventually.

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