Thursday, June 4, 2009

Canadian Dogs

I have made it to Canada. This post isn't about Rugby but it is about dogs so I think it is sort of appropriate. I have been amazed with the dogs in this city. the dogs here happily walk along beside their owners, even if it isn't in heel position they definetely aren't pulling and are attentive to their hadlers. They aren't gretting people that walk by, sniffing everything they pass and peeing on every post. They are just walking. Calmly. They sit at corners when waiting to cross, and patiently wait while tied outside of shops while their people shop. There are LOTS of people walking by and of the dogs I have seen waiting on the street, none are worrying about what is going on around them...they are just sitting and waiting patiently. Even more amazing is that the people walking by are not bothering the dogs either, just as the dogs are not bothering the people. I am not sure the pedestrians even look twice at the dogs that are waiting. We saw a german shepherd walking down the street carrying his owners water bottle in his mouth for him....and the smile on his owners face was amazing! This is obviously not the exception here, but the rule. Why can't american dogs behave so well? Where is the disconnect? These dogs are not incredibly trained, they just have good manners. Why is it so hard? How can people see these dogs as anything but happy and fulfilled? Why do people make excuses for their dog when they can't get them to act like this.

The dogs here are wonderful, and it is simply because they are treated like dogs, which is what they deserve.

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