Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Pictures from Friday

I was looking back through the pictures from the other day and thought I would share these ones too. :)
I think this first one is funny. It is the first time I tried to get him on the basketball and I am not sure why I expected him to be good enough at it for me to even try to take a picture on the first try but...I did it anyway lol. It seems to me like Rugby is trying to negotiate with me. His proposition....'i'll only put one foot on, and you have to give me a treat.' While this is pretty cute, I am glad that I am slightly more persuasive than he is. ;)
The next two are lacking captions, but I think they are still cute. :p

Rugby had a good day today and got to meet a new buddy. A brussels griffon puppy (that is wayy cute). He convinced him to play and Rugby, Ellie the yorkie, Cabott the new puppy all played well together. Sanity joined for some of the play too, and Pete mostly just supervised. lol I have to get some pictures next time. ;)

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