Monday, October 19, 2009


I was playing around with Rugby and some treats before I went to work yesterday and I am starting to think he isn't the brightest crayon in the box! So I have completely failed at trying to get him to flip a cookie off his nose and catch it. Instead he just sits there and stares at me untill it falls off, and even then he is so unaware of the treat that he usually doesn't notice it has fallen off....or that it was there in the first place. I gave up on this one, I know it is never going to happen.

Yesterday however I tried something a little easier...can he just catch a cookie if I toss it to him? The answer - no. It took some doing to get him to even open his mouth when I threw the cookie. (For a little bit I was just throwing treats and they were bouncing off his face and he just kept on staring at me LOL). Then he was opening his mouth and was still being unaware of where the cookie was. It basically was a test of how good of an aim I had and if I could get it in his mouth in the time that he had it open. It didn't matter how I threw it, how close it came or where it went every time I threw it he opened his mouth the same way. He just tilted his head back (and quickly he was trying to catch it) opened his mouth and then dropped his head back down and stared at me. Unfortunetely for Rugby my aim isn't that good.

I almost want to take a video of it, but I am kind of embarassed for Rugby! HA!

I wonder if he will get better with practice or if it is just a lost cause. Hmmm...

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