Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Relief and Vaccination

Monday when I got home from school, Rugby came over to me and when I started to itch him he whipped around to tell me to stop and became a little frantic about getting me to stop. With some poking and proding I found his shoulder was the spot causing him pain and he had a little swelling/bump there - where he had gotten his shots last Thursday. Monday night and most all of Tuesday he didn't really move much. The vet said just to give him asprin, but I don't think it helped at all really. I was going back and forth on whether or not to bring him in, but luckily he showed at least a litlte bit of improvement (he wasn't flinching when I touched him and he came to me when I called him). At around 8 last night I took his temp (since Margot told me to lol) and it was normal, but he definetely thought that I violated him!! :O

This morning when we went outside for a potty break it was a pleasant surprise when he started playing tug of war with the leash (he didn't feel good enough Monday or Tuesday) and got osme much needed zoomies out fom the couple days he was couped up in the house. Since I woke up early enough we went for a walk and Rugby kept jumping off the sidewalk to play in the rain water that was collecting at the curb. :p

I am very glad that he is feeling better.

Margot sent me this link and it got me searching for some more. Here is what I got so far...
Cute videos and cute dogs!

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