Friday, November 13, 2009


Rugby has been off his game a little bit since he had his reaction, just because that whole week we didn't really work at all. He is back though, and doing pretty well. He back slid on the broad jump a bit I think. He still does it when I ask but he is a little less confident about it. Soo, while we are adding up repetitions of the broad jump, we have started doing some drill that will hopefully help him become more precise with where he puts his body parts. I started a couple days earlier with Pete and I think he is already improving. Rugby is much more serious about working though so I think it will make him really sharp!

I gave him this really aweful hair cut so I have been hiding him from the public. I don't know what I was thinking when I shaved him. :0

I just tried to feed him fish whole fish with their heads cut off. I think he would have finished eating it all if I let him but it smelled SOOOO BAD. It stunk up the whole house and he ate one of the little fish, and just licked the juice off the rest. The fish is all put away and the smell is still lingering in the house.

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