Monday, February 22, 2010

Food Distractions

I was thinking about the short month we have left before Rugby goes into the open ring for the first time, and how much this snow (and general crappy weather) is making preparation for it difficult. We have been trying to get practice in in lots of different places, when we can get out but I am a little scared that we aren't doing a good enough job.

It is highly unlikely that I will have strange dogs and people in my house to act as distractions, but I do have plenty of food. I took a handful of our most smelly treats and we got to work doodling with the treats out. We even got some of it on video...


  1. I think Rugby will do really well for you next month! He's do darned cute when he goes through the paces. He also has great attention!

  2. Nice job, Rugby! We have the same trouble finding good distractions. PetSmart works well, but you can't do everything there. I'm good as long as no one comes within a mile with a mop or a wheelchair!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  3. are tooo smart, not too mention adorable!!


  4. all paws up for Mr. Rugby ;)

    wet licks


  5. Hi Rugby,

    We are sooo impressed with all your training skills not to mention, your trainer. Super!

    Riley and Star.