Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yup, Thats US!

I had this great idea to take Rugby to the pet store this morning since I feared we would be stuck in the house for a few more days after this second snow storm came tonight. Well....everyone had that same idea. It took us a realllllly long time just to get half-way to we decided to turn around. At least he got to go for a car ride, I guess.

We have been bored ever since and now it is snowing again. :/ We had a little photoshoot (My sister, Rugby and I), just using the camera from my computer and these are the best ones. Rugby wasn't aware we were having a photo shoot in most of those pictures. We didn't tell him till about half-way through.

Oh how I wish we were less bored. Maybe I will go get our jumps and see if they will fit in our basement. Hmmm....


  1. I love the new look on the blog! Those are also some very cute pictures. I'm hoping the snow melts away soon!

  2. We're sorry you couldn't make it all the way to the pet store, but better safe than sorry. Hey, car rides are fun. Sometimes mom will take us with her just to ride to the post office and back. And in this little town, that ain't much of a ride...

    Hang in there buddy!
    Stella, Gunther and Betty