Monday, April 19, 2010

Field Trip

Since I finished my homework early for once in my life, Rugby and I took a field trip to the "park" up the street from our house. I call it a "park" but really it is just a big grass field with a playground at one end. We set up all our jumps and went through directed jumping, gloves, signals, retrieve over the high jump, retrieve on the flat, and the broad jump. We saw only one other person there the whole time and he was walking hi beagle through. He came right as we started signals and rugby STILL did all the signals and I didn't have to help him any. What a good boy!

Rugby told me today that he doesn't know how to stand again. He is a liar - we have to keep working on this.

We are working the broad jump a little differently (with me holding a long rod in my hand to push him out with) so I can get him to go over it straighter and I am really happy with how it is working. The first couple time we did it this way he tried to refuse the jump but now he is going over much straighter. Today I didn't use the rod and he was still going straight over it. It is helping his fronts off the broad jump as well.

After we worked I put the jumps away and took some pictures of Rugby. He was too tired to run around on his own, so I just kept leaving him in a stay and calling him to me. These are my favorites...
"You want me to stand on THIS tree?? ...NOT gonna happen!"
I did prevail after a couple of tries, however!

Now Rugby is out cold beside me on the couch. I am sure by the time I get home from my next class he will be ready for another round!

We still need to work articles today (they were sooo sooo soooooooo good yesterday) and stays. I want to try to proof his stays with some food distractions. If I had remembered to bring food with us when we worked at the "park" then we would have done it there but....oh well!


  1. Ah, very cute running pics.... Blur of Fur! Although I have to agree with him on the tree picture. That last one looks a little suggestive... haha! :-)

  2. What an adorable little fluff ball!! He looks so happy running to you.:)

  3. He is doing great! He's a role model for the rest of us :)

  4. Those pictures are great! He looks like a fluffy Easter bunny in the third one!

  5. Rugby takes the cutest pictures when he's running!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. I love those action shots. Rugby is awesome in all his adorableness!