Thursday, April 1, 2010

Global Animal Blogging Event 2010

 So what is this GABE thing anyways?

GABE was started by Twinkie to bring animal bloggers together. Head over to Twinkie's blog for rules and details on the event. You can join in all the way up to the 10th. After that (both active or passive participants) just browse through the blog links listed on Twinkie's GABE page to meet new blogging friends and leave comments for a chance to win giveways while you are there. GABE ends on the 18th, so comment away untill then.

We thought long and hard and finally came up with a giveway! We will pick the winner when the event closes on April 18th.

Drumroll please.....

We will be giving away a copy of Mud Heaven by Margot Woods.

Definetely a good read - Mud Heaven is a compilation of short stories about living with and training dogs from a dog trainers persepective.

For a better description of the book than I am capable of giving, visit the link above.

If you didn't know, Margot Woods is our dog trainer extrodinaire (her blog)!!!  One of the main dogs of the book is Wrap, Rugby's first doberman girlfriend who taught him a wealth of information about surviving in a big-dog's world. I think some of her roles in the book have a lot to do with why Mister Rugby is so dobe-obsessed these days!


  1. Isn't this GABE wonderful? We get to meet new friends and stand a chance to win a prize too! That looks like a great book. Just see if we are lucky to win this book...hehehe...

  2. Looks like a good read and if we don't win it I may have to go out and get it!

    Dory and the Mama

  3. Books are great fun, what a pawesome giveaway!

    Toby is also hosting a giveaway at his blog - make sure to stop by & enter!

    Toby's Raiser

  4. Hi ! Nice to meet you ! :)
    What a cool giveaway ;)

  5. Hi there! This is my first time by your bloggie! Very nice place you have here!

    My momma has all sorts of training books but she doesn't have that one. How exciting!

    I'm pawticipating in GABE, too! Come see!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Training...we don't need no stinking training. Ok well maybe we do but mom and dad still love us and spoil us rotten!

    Nice to meet you!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  7. Thank you for a great give away!!


  8. Hi there, nice to meet you! That is a nice give-a-way! Come on over and visit, I'm having a give-a-way also for GABE!
    Have fun!

  9. Great to meet you! Your blog is beautiful and the giveaway is awesome!


  10. Hi it's nice to meet you! Look at all those ribbons in your picture, are they all yours? Wow. Do you have more than my friend Brutus? He's gots lots of agility ribbons. What are all your ribbons for?

    woof - Tucker

  11. Great prize! Will it be a an autographed copy??

    Michelle & Brutus

  12. Very pawsome prize!
    Hi I Ludo and I playing GABE too. Very nice to meet you!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  13. Rugby is adorable! What a fun and unique prize!
    Happy Easter!

  14. Hi Nice to meet you!!!

    We are so glad GABE was started by Twink and that we found you out here in blog land!!!

    You sure are a cutey pie!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  15. WOW!! That is awesome my name is keiko and Im a puggle and its nice to meet you guys!!! I hope you let me in your drawing that would be awesome to win!!

    wags and licks

  16. A very awesome giveaway. We're always looking to better ourselves.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  17. hihi, miss samantha!!
    it's super nice to meet you and mr. rugby! thanks for comin' by my bloggie for a visit. :)
    this GABE thingie is grrreat for meeting new friendz, isn't it?
    my mama says i could sure use that training book. teehee.
    the booker man

  18. Nice to meet you, Samantha and Mr. Rugby! Thanks for coming over for a visit to Corgi Country. Our Grammy LOVES reading, and we like to chew books (except we rarely get the opportunity anymore and we've been told they are a BIG NO!!!)

    Hope you are having a great day, and a good time with GABE! The Country Corgi Crew

  19. I love your log and your give-away and I'm happy to be your friend.
    Love, Bella,

  20. I can't believe I haven't visited you yet. I guess it's because GABE has been so hectic and that's a good thing. Great giveaway although I would have prefered an animal training one better BOL

  21. I would love to win this cool book!

    Please stop by my blog and enter my GABE giveaway!

  22. Wonderful to meet another Samantha!!! I've finally gotten here and I LOVE your giveaway! I will have to scour your blog to find out what you're getting trained to do! Mom makes me suffer with obed. training, so that book is the "dog's woof"!!! It looks wonderful and Mom will read me efurry page, I'm sure!
    Big Hugs and Good to meet you!

  23. Woof! Woof! Fellow GABE participant. Gabe is such a great wonderful event. LOVE to win your book giveaway. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. Hi there Samantha and Mr. Rugby!

    Great to meet you. We are enjoying GABE and meeting new furry friends.

    Your giveaway is really pawesome and we hope you can visit us to join our GABE giveaway as well.

    We look forward to being your friend.

    - Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  25. My momma reads me doggie books but... I wish I could read one on training da hoomans!

    Gabe is fun!!! We love Twinkie!

    Mabel Lou