Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have an exam in the morning. I really really was studying until this nasty little fly insisted on flying in circles right above my head. How can anyone concentrate with that constant buzzing?! How does a fly even get in the house?!?!

I was not particularly interested in scheming the death of this fly since it would mean interrupting my study time. That was until I googled the 'life expectancy of a fly' and realized that I might have to listen to that buzz for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

It was then that my stack of notes and lecture slides turned into a home made fly swatter. I spent the better park of 7 minutes waving my papers around the living room trying to swat this un-swattable fly.

At about 5 minutes into this chaos, I happen to look down at Rugby who had been laying at my feet. I had waken him up and he was staring at me. He was hanging his head a little so he was forced to look 'up' to see me. Rugby was really confused and worried that I had all of a sudden started to talk to myself and lunge around the living room flailing about a stack of papers.

I only diverted my attention to Rugby for a split second, since I was once again reminded of my mission by the buzzing of this eerily brave fly whizzing past my head. It wasn't long after that till the fly landed and I was successful at not only killing the fly, but also getting fly guts all over my notes.

Despite the bittersweet victory, I turned to Rugby with a "YES, I killed it!" His suspicious look slowly faded away and he jumped onto the couch to celebrate with me. Just so he could keep an eye on my, he made sure to find a spot that was nice and comfy across my lap this time.

This is when I noticed the second fly.


I was NOT having a repeat performance of that fly killing. New plan - stay seated and attempt to swat fly only when it is within reach. The fly is coming, so I prepare for his death with a firm grip on my home made fly swatter and raise the "swatter" above my head.

Not happening this time though, Rugby is prepared. Since I am reclined on the couch, he was able to march right on up my chest and reach out and snatch the papers from my hands.

Well, snatch may be an exaggeration (Rugby is a gentleman after all). He did take the papers from me though and climbed back down and into my lap to sit and face me, still holding the stack of papers.

Rugby offered me the following deal, "I will give you your notes back, only after you stop acting like a crazy person. Deal?"

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  1. Bahahahaha ewwww gross all over yours notes. Haha its a good thing your professor doesn't collect them. Also might I add what is in your room that is attracting flies?! I must agree though that Rugby does not take fondly to you going nuts you might make him look bad :P