Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open B Dogs

Team Applewoods does it again!

This weekend I took Pete and Rugby to the Beltsville, MD trials. Pete needed one more leg for his CDX and Rugby entered just for fun. It was the first time that they were both entered in the same trial.

Here is Rugby from Saturday...

RUGBY STAYED SITTING FOR THE SIT STAYS!!! Thank GOD all those sit stays payed off. I was sweating it a little bit too since downs were first. I made sure with both dogs to walk around as much as we could in between the down and sit stays so they would be less likely to lay down.
His score?? Rugby got a 197!!

I was pleased with that score. It wasn't high enough for us to be competitive in the class but it is a lot closer than even two weeks ago!

Now Pete. Or should I say Peter of Hanover CDX?
Yup! Pete got his CDX on Saturday. His owner wasn't able to come for the first two legs so Pete was very excited that she was there on Saturday. He performed JUST for her this weekend.

He was showing off big time and got a 197.5!!!! There was a 3 way tie for 4th place so Pete had to do a run off with the other two dogs that had his score and didn't end up with the placement.

They both did well on Sunday too. Rugby got another 197 and Pete got a 194.5. I am sooo sooo proud of both of them and especially of Pete for finishing his CDX on such a high note! Jasmine was also there on Saturday and she got her first CDX leg in Open A.


  1. Go Sam!!! Go Rugby and Pete!!


  2. Nice job! I'll be thrilled to ever finish our CD, having gotten our 1st leg at our national specialty. It looks so easy when the dogs who do it well work!! Congrats on all the score, competitive or not that is amazing to us!!


  3. Great job! That's funny... I'm looking at the picture thinking the guy looks familiar... well duh... he's a judge. :-)