Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is the month!

January is APDT's National Train your Dog Month. I am not usually a fan of APDT, but I do think Train your Dog Month is a great idea! Rugby has taken some extra measures this month to make sure National Train your Dog Month is a success.

The most notable of these is the addition of 'Demo Dog' to his list of titles. This month isn't the first time he has performed as a Demo Dog, but it is when he decided to make it a permanent and official position! He made his debut as a Demo dog this past fall, teaching our first ever Novice Group Class with Roxanne and Sugar (her Demo Dog). Since he was so wonderful he got to come back as the Demo Dog for the new, improved Elementary Class at Applewoods this month!

While class is in session, Rugby waits off to the side on his cushion, under my chair until he is needed.

When I call him, he runs out to my side and goes through the motions of the task at hand. Afterwards, using the place command, he is sent back to get comfortable on his cushion!

Training has served Rugby well in the past too. Our Holiday Photo Shoot, Going on Vacation, Wrapping a Maltese Video, Placing on Children, Winning Dog Days of Summer, Treat holding, Putting on Shows, and The Tunnel of Legs to name a few, all required a trained dog.

But the list doesn't stop there. There are plenty of activities that rely on Rugby's training that he does frequently that don't ever make the blog. Like when he picks up change dropped on the pet sore floor, or returns fallen glasses to their owners, or babysits brand new cousins. Rugby loves the status and opportunities that come with training and can't wait to get to work each day!

January is far from over, so spend some time training your dogs! It is worth it!


  1. Rugy, you never cease to amaze us! It is true, all the time spent on formal training can come in handy outside the ring too!

    We do some APDT rally from time to time. Not much offered around here, but it's good for brushing up on some things & just having some fun. A few really weird stations in levels 2 & 3!


  2. Rugby, you are sooo cute in those photos - and we are glad to hear that you are a furry well trained doggy!