Sunday, January 30, 2011


Rugby had a rough night Friday, which ended in a trip to the emergency vet. :-O He wouldn't eat his dinner and was having some serious pains in his tummy. Long story short, they shot him up with some stuff and sent us home and he was feeling much better Saturday morning, but not 100%. We planned to go to a Show n Go this morning but I wasn't sure if Rugby would be up for it. I decided to head there anyways and only show if I thought Rugby wanted to.

When we arrived, Rugby immediately started running his mouth and while we were waiting to register for our run, he was whining a little in excitement. I think he was making it very clear he was happy to be there!

We had time to kill before we went in the ring so we hung out with a couple of our training buddies as they did their run-thrus in Open. I even had time to get some studying done. (Remind me to pre-enter next time!)

I was a little worried about today since we didn't train Friday or Saturday because of the whole being sick thing, but we were already there so...

We have some things to work on still, but I am very hopeful about the trials we entered! (Yup, its officially, Rugby will debut in the Utility ring in the middle of March!!!)


  1. So scary when they get sick!! Glad to hear Rugby is all better already. I swear Brutus is happier to work after some time off - absence makes the heart grow fonder, ya know? I'm sure you'll have an awesome debut in Utility!!