Friday, February 4, 2011


Just because our immediate goal is a Utility Dog Title, we can't forget about our open work. Last night at class we did some really fun group stays to keep the dogs on their toes!

The Novice dogs and Open dogs were split up and took turn doing stays on the ramp into the other room. While they were on the ramp the other dogs were heeled past them. It was tight, but they dogs stayed for the most part, excluding some head bending to get a good sniff of the other dogs as they walked past..

Once the heeling group had made two passes, we one-by-one starting with Rugby called our dogs out of the stay. Since I behind the half wall, Rugby was SURE I was in the other room and I had to call him again to get him to go up the ramp instead of down it. When he figured out where I was, he was even more exited to get to me and could hardly contain himself to sit politely in front of me.


After he did his share of heeling while the novice dogs did stays, he went back in for a down stay while the novice dogs did recalls down the ramp. 


It was a great set-up and gave the group stays a whole different dynamic! 


  1. That is a great set-up! What an awesome idea. They are so close in that area and yet so calm. I'd love to do some proofing like this with my dog. We're not after any obedience titles (hah!) but I'd love to get her Canine Good Neighbour one day. Doing stuff like this would definitely help.

  2. That is a really cool set up, and also a good test for the dogs! Very cool!

  3. It was a challenge but so good for the dogs and kept everyone hopping. I think Caruso (Standard Poodle pictured) thought class was much more interesting than usual!