Sunday, March 20, 2011



Rugby walked up to the mailbox with me today to put his entries in the mail for upcoming shows. That means we have to get to work to improve on last weeks performance.

1) Heeling
Its a little sloppy on the transitions and he doesn't always halt straight.

2) Broad Jump
He was sooo close this weekend to cutting the corner. We already started working on this and it has improved significantly. It was much better at this morning's match too.

3) Directed Retrieve
We need to work on better turns, and taking my direction, instead of taking whatever glove is directly in front of him (just in case he doesn't turn all the way with me). We started working on this already too, but our glove drills aren't at full distance yet.

4) Moving Stand
This is something we were already working on, but Rugby decided not to fall for it until we were in the ring (figures). We have spent some time this week having our 'judge' call for the moving stand over and over again while we continue heeling. This morning at the match, I made sure to take an extra 4 steps before standing him.

5) Finishes
They are slow - need to speed them up!

5) Scent Articles
Today he picked the right one, brought is halfway back, dropped it and re-checked the pile before coming back for the right one. Huh? I'm not sure why he was so unsure of himself. Can never do too many scent articles, right?

6) Everything Else


  1. Best of luck in the upcoming trials my friend!

  2. There's so much to work on for utility! :) I'll be so nervous once I finally get a dog ready and enter the Utility ring.

    I sent some entries off this week, too. It's starting to be trial season around here!