Monday, March 7, 2011


Here are this weekends videos. The good and the bad.

One thing I noticed in both the videos is that Rugby now thinks that circle we do between go-outs is pretty dumb. Guess I will quit doing that to make him happy. :-p


Now that I have gotten over the initial shock of our failure on Sunday, this video really confirmed for me why I love how we train. In a matter of minutes, Rugby went from "I don't know of this thing called Obedience" to SUPER happy that he had figure it out all by himself.

I love that he is so proud and confidant that me just guiding him by the collar offends him, and I love how self rewarding Obedience has become for him.



  1. Rugby did SO well on Saturday! I thought he did pretty good on Sunday too except that he did not do a couple of the exercises properly.

    You know, I like the way he does his about-turns. He does it nicely. And I thought the dropping of the dumbbell in the 2nd video was pretty funny. HEE HEE. And I absolutely LOVE how excited & happy he was after he completed his last jump. OH & when you send him away during the Send Away exercise, the way he runs to his mark is just super cute!

    Way to go Rugby. You did good but I know you'll do a LOT better in the next trial. Just gotta keep practicing!

  2. Good for you both! It looked like both of you were relaxed and enjoying yourself. I am envious of your terrific connection. It is definitely something to be proud of.

  3. awww rugby did so good on saturday!! rugby also did great on the utility match.


  4. I'm hunting down obedience blogs in the hopes of learning. Your's is SUCH an inspiration! I really love the videos - you are a great team!

  5. Isn't it wonderful how far obedience training has come? I love it! I wouldn't have done it years ago when it was all pop and jerk. We do positives and motivation and it's really challenging, and really fun at the same time. It's the hardest dog sport I've ever done (it's way harder than flyball... sorry flyball people, but how hard is it to go run over some jumps and get a ball and come back? LOL - and hey, I do flyball!).