Monday, May 23, 2011

The Party

What better way to celebrate Rugby's birthday than to take a trip to the park with Brandy? After our warm up with directed jumping, gloves, gloves and more gloves Rugby and Brandy both helped to bring back the arrows down by the archery range.

Rugby the Arrow Retriever  Brandy the Arrow Retriever

When everything was all cleaned up, he raced me to the nearest trail so he could go exploring.

Needwood Park

Just off the trail was a lake, or what was left of it since most of the water down at that end had dried up. The two of them took turns running around, and Rugby went first. He got so excited to see the sand and water that he shot across the little creek. He didn't realize just how deep it got though, and he had to swim to get across!

Rugby Swimming

That was the first time he voluntarily went swimming. Usually, he tries to stay where he can still stand. Once he did it the first time though, he didn't have a problem crossing again.

My little swimmer

Of course, they both had to run around like crazy to dry off too.

Rugby at the lake Brandy at the lake

I am not sure what happened to the cute, clean and dry dogs we had but we took pictures of these wet nasty things together. :-p This was the second stump we tried for. The first one was closer to the side of the lake and surrounded by MUD (as seen on Rugby's feet).
Brandy n Rugby

Another dunk in the lake cleaned his feel off, but not well enough to get all the sand out of his fur. Phew, dirty dogs!
Brandy n Rugby


  1. Gorgeous pictures & it looked like the pups had a blast!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I love the pics with the arrows. :)