Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still not Clean

Poor Rugby had an ear infection when we came back from the National Specialty a few weeks ago. The vet gave him some medicine to make him feel better, but it made his ears really greasy.  Friday, the 20th was the last day of his ear medication and it was also bath day. Those clean fresh ears didn't last long with just that one final day of treatment and they have been greasy ever since.  I feel really guilty for taking pictures of him with his nasty ears... even if he does look cute waiting with Diesel for his turn to work.

Diesel and Rugby

 I planned to re-bathe Rugby on Monday, which turned into Tuesday, then Wednesday, and now it is Saturday. I can't put it off any longer and today he will be nice and clean again just in time for the Sunday trial.


  1. OH Rugby, sorry about your yucky ear infection. Yes, those stuff are really greasy. Hoomie Melissa hats putting those stuff in our ears but sometimes, she doesn't have a choice. I hope you will feel better soon & good luck with the trial!

  2. Been there and been greasy... my asst. hates that stuff and what it does to my fur. I don't get ear infections much anymore, but I have to have eye drops several times a day and they're greasy too. I constantly have fur on my face going every which way. She says it makes me look goofy:(