Friday, August 26, 2011

Scaredy Cat

Meet the Chickens

Rugby has been barn sitting and farm sitting with me almost all of August, at a couple different places. We were chicken/goat/horse watching this past weekend and the owner mentioned letting the chickens out to free range for a while. I didn't, mostly because I was worried about loosing one of his chickens. 

When the owner came back on the last day, he let the chickens out while I was still there. I knew Rugby wouldn't chase them, but I did expect him to show some aversion to them. Much to my surprise, he didn't even notice they were out! Even when they were running past him, he just found a spot in the middle of the yard to get comfortable while they roamed around him. Rugby really IS a farm dog! 

What makes it more amazing is that the week before, at a different farm, Rugby met a cat. He had met this cat before briefly, but he had to live with her for an entire week this time. He was terrified of her! At least... as terrified as Rugby gets. He would bark at her, and try his hardest to look away or hide in a corner when she got too close. We worked on it all week. After a few days, he started to tolerate her hanging around. When she would come sit on my lap, Rugby was even brave enough to lay at my feet, and occasionally stand on the couch to get a sneak sniff in. 

How is it that he wouldn't care at all about the half a dozen chickens running around him, and still be wary of the cat (who pretends she is a dog)? Strange dog. :-p

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