Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smart or Lazy? Part II

We were trying to practice go-outs in the shaded area of a local park yesterday. When I set my targets out, I didn't realize that our dowel rods look an awful lot like ALL those sticks that had fallen from the trees. 

I had put two targets out, and the first one he got with no problems. The second one was just a little bit further than the first. When he was sent for that one, he dutifully went out to the point where the first target had been and scanned the ground for a couple of seconds. The target was just out of view and instead of walking a little further, he decided that this stick was close enough in diameter to the targets to be a substitute.

I praised him for being so creative but... 
Should I be proud that Rugby created 'all natural' go-out sticks, or worried because he was too lazy to go six  more inches to get the real one? 

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