Saturday, June 9, 2012

On the Street

DSC_0347One day during our trip to San Diego, we rode the trolley from the hotel to Gaslamp Quarter. Rugby was in his bag for the trip and none of our fellow trolley riders were aware of his presence. It was loud, smelly and crowded on the trolley, so I'm glad Rugby didn't have any opinions to share.

Once we were downtown, he came out of the bag to explore, searching for photo opportunities and training distractions. While we did take a couple of photos, I am happy to report that we did not find any training distractions. Rugby was a champ. He walked perfectly through crowds of people, past dinner tables and across busy streets, even past several city dogs that were offering to play with him.

The only thing that caught Rugby off guard were a couple of dog statues that were outside of the William Heath Davis House. He was happy that I didn't issue a "leave it" command as we approached and knew these were dogs he was allowed to play with. He was so focused on imagining all the fun they would have that it took him something like 15 seconds to realize that the dogs were not real!

While our trip to downtown San Diego was not quite the adventure we were looking for, it was great exercise and a nice change of scenery for us. Maybe we will head downtown a little closer to home next time.


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