Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rescue Mission

I have for no particular reason at all, decided I would help Rugby swim this summer. He actually swims well once he gets going, but he prefers to stay where he can still stand. Last week, our trip to the river included his life jacket and a leash, so I could easily persuade him to go in the "deep end." I had to help him quite a bit. He got tired quickly and is not strong enough to swim against the current in some places.

We were accompanied by Sugar, Sandy and Sherpa on this swimming trip and after 30 minutes of looking at the construction of Rugby's life jacket, it hit us. SHERPA could teach Rugby to swim! Or she could at least rescue him if he was having trouble in the deep parts.


Rugby was really pissed off unhappy with this idea. He did not trust Sherpa to keep him safe in the water and thought we were making fun of him because he couldn't swim like the big dogs. He didn't stop "swimming" the whole time Sherpa was taking him for a ride. All that squirming worried Sherpa and she did drop him once. That didn't improve Rugby's opinion of our rescue mission.


We weren't laughing at you Rugby, we were laughing with you!


  1. Sherpa the lifeguard! Hmmm, the more I think about it the more I can understand why Rugby was wary of my pup rescuing anyone.

  2. OK, next comes his waterdog title!

    Congrats on the OTCh!

    Amy Compton