Thursday, October 4, 2012


I was lucky to have the help of one very talented Maltese while I made a tire jump yesterday. Since it is an essential part of his agility work, he was eager to help. Rugby went to the hardware store, assisted in the assembly process and put the jump to good use once it was finished.

The picture at left shows Rugby pre-tire jump. And I know what you are thinking. Yes. That is a lot of duct tape. If you make your own at home, you can get away with only one roll, or two or three if you want a multi-colored jump.

We got some help from the internet for dimensions and did some improvising to avoid using power tools. I won't be opening up an equipment making shop any time soon. Parachute cord, a carabiner and some strategically placed knots make the jump adjustable to regulation heights. Bungee cords that attach the tire to the frame keep it secured in place. Rugby tried it out, and says it works just fine.

This 5' 4" tall tire jump is proving to be a nice addition to our living room furniture.DSC_0293