Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second Chances

Later this year, Rugby will have to do a combination of Open and Utility exercises in each ring at the National Obedience Invitational. It won't be new to him, but it will be something he hasn't been able to practice in a formal setting often. 

DSC_0218Versatility consists of two exercises from each class (Novice, Open, Utility) and is as close as we can get to our invitational experience. Showing in this class allows Rugby to practice his obedience in a different format, and to work on his endurance. I was surprised to find that what I like the most about this class is having a second chance when it is "game day."

While we have been unfortunate enough to NQ an exercise in either Open or Utility on two of the days we have shown in Versatility, we have been lucky enough to have that same exercise chosen for Versatility. It was perfect to reinforce the *proper* way to do the exercise in the same trial environment that he had previously failed in. Like directed jumping, the day Rugby decided he only took high jumps, or the drop on recall when he decided a sit was a better option. I am so happy we had second chances on those days! We will be using this resource in the future, even after Rugby has earned the Versatility title.

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  1. I like the Versatility class too. When my Jack was having confidence problems that were preventing him from finishing his UD I switched to Versatility for a few trials because he had no trouble with the Novice and Open exercises. He actually looked like my happy boy in the ring again. It must have worked, because we finished BOTH his UD and VER titles on the same weekend!