Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obedience Master

Rugby is an Obedience Master. Not only because he is a perfect distraction to proof Sherpa's sit/stay with, but because he consistently earns scores that are above 190 in both Open B and Utility B.

While we were focusing on our UDX legs and OTCH points, Rugby managed to rack up 200 Obedience Master Points too. That means he gets to add "OM1" at the end of his name. He is officially...

Mister Rugby Sevens UD OM1 RN

The points keep accumulating (and he has his share of points for the OM2 already) until you get to OM2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and finally the Grand Master title (OGM).

I missed the closing date for some of the trials I had picked out, but we found replacements and the next month's trial schedule is set! Time to practice more go-outs before the weekend is over!


  1. It is encouraging to see what can be done with a little dog who is supposed to be a lap dog!

  2. How cool!!! WAY TO GO team Rugby!!! You guys are so totally awesome!!

  3. Sherpa made the blog! Also, good job Rugby.