Monday, February 9, 2009


So Zena was sent home today. Sunday we had a 'lesson' with Zena and her owner so that he could see how to walk her, and handle her in a way that is condusive to her new manners. Rugby was my 'demo' dog, and he behaved very nicely to demonstrate how to walk and how to hold the leash, etc. It took her owner a little bit to get the hang of it, but once he did it was SOO GOOD to see her heeling perfectly beside him all around the neighborhood.

I tried to find something she was afraid of so that I could shoe him how to handle her (and not handle her) in that type of situation. I could find NOTHING! We tried to walk her close to cars, trashcans, recycle bins, she was soo much more confidant! I really can't believe the change that she has made this week. I noticed that she was less afraid earlier in the week, but I though we would have a least a little relapse with her owner present (even if it was just a quick glance). We even walked past kids and people at the playground and she didn't try to go over and say hi (but she did think about it). I was able to show him that there needed to be designated 'times' for sniffing and saying hello to people, and she wasn't in charge of picking when those times were. Those times were usually good for potty breaks and practicing recalls.

This morning before she left, I could definetely see all the attention she was giving me just around the house. Not only was she following me around, but when I would stop moving she would just sit and stare at me. It was wonderful...and I didn't even ask for it. If I was undecided on being proud of her Saturday, I am 100% proud of her today. She really has come a long way in a week.

Yesterday and today Rugby hasn't done any 'real' work. We did learn how to spin ('circle') and give 'paw,' but it is taking him a little longer than expected. He still needs some cues from me still so we have to keep practicing.

Zena left while we were out, and when we got back Rugby walked into the house, looked around (probably noticing that she was gone), turned back and stared me right in the eyes and started to wag his tail. :D I think he is happy he doesn't have to share me anymore! We will be doing real work again tomorrow, 2 days is a plenty long break.

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