Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, not really toothless, but he does have less teeth! :) He is feeling much better today than yesterday after the surgery. He is pretty much back to normal. Hardest part of it all is that he really is fine, but he still isn't allowed to have too much 'exercise' so he doesn't break the stitches in his legs (dewclaws removed). The bandages also have to stay 'clean and dry' for a whole WEEK!!! I think that is pretty much impossible with Rugby seeing as we do so many things outside, and he really enjoys to get dirty.

He also isn't allowed to get a bath untill the stitches are out! YIKES! They must have forgotten about white long haired dogs when they made these rules! He is going to be a mess!! :p

We finally got the 'paw' down. I decided officially that Rugby is the biggest show off in the world. The biggest reward I can give him while training is let him have an audience while he does something correctly. Take for instance the other day while we were practicing our 'fetch' command. Usually we are alone or in the company of strangers that have no idea what we are doing, nor do they care or pay attention to us. But this particular time my mom was watching. So he finished doing his 'fetches' and I told him how smart he was and my mom chimed in. She told him how smart he was and he ran over to her, almost as a 'well, if you liked that then watch this.' He proceeded to run back to me, take the dumbell out of my hand and run back to my mom dancing. After that he came back to me so that I could tell him 'give.'

So today we were doing our 'paw' since it requires little to no effort on either of us and my sister was there. He did it a couple of times and when she told him he was smart he ran over to her all happy, came back and sat facing me waiting for me to tell him to do it again. Which I did, and he very exuberantly placed his paw in my hand. He is most definetely proud of himself when he 'gets' things. It makes me laugh!!

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