Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Morning

Today Rugby worked a little bit...

We did some downs, stands and 'places.' We ran short on time so Rugby had to come to school with me today. Since the class started at 11:30, parking was scarce and we had quite a walk (that he had to heel the whole time) to get to the lecture hall. Before we got into the building I shoved him in his dreaded bag, and crossed my fingers that he didn't let out a bark in the middle of class like last semester when he barked in my discussion group (thanks Rugby lol). I was banking on the fact that he was tired from working that morning and from walking to the class. He did better in that he didn't bark, but he wasn't exactly happy in his bag. He just moved around a lot and was panting (if was a gorgeous 57* today). Occasionally he would whine a little, but it was barely audible so I would just give him a little poke through the bag and he would be quite for a little more.

After 45 minutes (class is hour and 15 min), I thought I was pushing my luck as he continued to stir in his bag. Last time it was just a discussion, with a TA and not a 'professor' so his presence could be looked over. Not today though, this was a huge 250-300 student class and if he barked I was sure I would be in trouble. I also figured that if he had that success, maybe next time he could last a little longer. He knew I was nervous as anything so that probably didn't help much. So we snuck out of class early today and heeled back to the car, with the occasional sit/down thrown in.

He did wear himself out though becuase when we came home for lunch he fell right asleep. I was going to the barn after and I grabbed my keys and asked 'you comin?' to which I usually get a dog running to the door, or at the very least he will stand up and give me a cute little head tilt. Today all he did was open his eyes and just fell back asleep. Poor guy was so tired he didn't even want to go for a car ride! :p (although if he knew we were going to the barn I am sure he would have woken himself up...he starts whining as soon as we turn onto her street! haha) So he stayed home and slept with my sister and was energized again when I got back from the barn.

We even broke out some new toys that we had been hiding from Zena since she destroyed a couple in the first hour she was here. He loved them, and he played hard enough for him to be sleeping again. :)

So we didn't really do a lot of work, but it was a start. Tomorrow there won't be time to train (maybe in the morning some) and thursday he gets his baby teeth pulled so he definetely won't be up for it. I guess I just don't see the point for now. We will start again Friday or Saturday, depending on how good he is feeling. Rugby needs some new pictures too huh?

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