Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Rugby had a fantastic weekend. He is really growing up, and it shows with how he behaves in public (and at home too :p). Sunday was a family get together and of course I brough Rugby along. He was incredibly excited to see everone, as he is the biggest social butterfly I have ever met! The whole time, he always came when I called, and he had no problem leaving play time with the kids and dogs to heel across the yard with me to get stuff out of the car. He was off leash the whole time, although since they live in the middle of nowhere I am not sure it counts (we won't be trying it any place else for quite some time just to be safe *wink*)! I couldn't be happier with him! I also have been noticing that it doesn't matter where I am going in the house, Rugby is close behind...even if it means waking up from a nice nap to trot along beside me. He is just so perfect!

With the sister...
and the brother...
Max had a ball that he was throwing for Rugby.....Rugby wanted it. :p
Showing off his froggy tie.

Running with the little ones...
Akward moment in his

Thats all! We went and walked around a lake today and he did pretty well there aswell. There are a couple of pictures my sister took there too. We do have to work on being less excited when we see other dogs though :p. It will come with practice! :)

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