Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A year

Rugby is going to be turning one in just a couple of weeks, and looking back at his puppy hood...he has come a long way. I had given up on taking him to class since I was always so nervous about his barking, and he occasionally gave me reason to be nervous with his grunts, groans and woofs. Today I was being particularly lazy (and daring) and decided to drag him along to class with me. He heeled all the way to the building, and even though he was excited and it felt like I was on the verge of 'loosing' him the whole time he payed enough attention to me to maintain his heel position, do his automatic sits and my random downs.

When we got to the door, I gave a place command and he jumped onto the bench. I sat his dog bag down on the bench beside him with it open , told him to 'kennel up' and he went right in, turned around and layed down looking at me. Had this been the only good thing he did all day I would have been impressed but he kept it up. Secure in his bag, Rugby joined me for the full 80 minutes of class and the only noise he made the entire time was when he changed his sleeping positions. He was incredible.

I was nervous at first, but he was sooo good, I was able to relax about having him there halfway through class. When we left class he heeled all the way back to the car and is now asleep at my feet. :) He has grown up soooo much--I love it! We got quite a few comments too on how well behaved and cute he was! :p

Rugby and I were practicing our jumps this morning, that we have been doing for a while now and today a lightbulb went off. For every single jump he left me and went for it. For the high jump, we were practicing him leaving me to go over the jump by standing close to the jump and stepping over it repeatedly. Today when we did that and I gave the jump comand, he was over the jump before I could even step over myself. He is too smart!

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