Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adult Life

This has been a long weekend for poor Rugby. I have been soo busy outside of work that he has been feeling a little neglected. We have been still been taking our walks and working, but it isn't the same for my spoiled little boy that I spend ALL day with during the week. :p This means that today, on the third day of reduced 'attention time' he was being pretty obnoxious! LOL He just wanted to DO SOMETHING! :p He was all over everybody, into everything, all over the place. Our walk was exxtra long today since I could tell he was going to be a handful when I woke up to a Rugby kiss and him standing over me (he nevvver gets me up lol).

Going to Canada next week. Rugby is staying behind this time and staying at Margots. He will be able to play with his dobermans every day and his new yorkie friend. :) I am going to miss the little bugger. :/

These were taken Friday before work.

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