Friday, September 25, 2009

Growing Up

Mister Rugby is getting to be a big boy now. The other day I was working with Rosie, a lab mix, and using Rugby and Cabott as distractions to work on her recall. I was letting her get 'involved' with them playing, sniffing etc when it happened. Rosie is about 10 months old and cabott is somewhere around 6 months. At 17 months, Rugby is the oldest of them and most trained of them all.

Rosie is in front of Rugby doing the whole 'puppy' thing close to the ground, wiggling like crazy, trying to entice the all-mighty Rugby to play with her. Cabott was more than interested in playing with her and was bouncing in a play bow around her and Rugby, although he went unnoticed by both of them. While all of this is going on, Rugby stands there like a rock looking over Rosie like she is some sort of nuisance.

What was so amazing about it is that Rosie treated him like a dog instead of another puppy. That is the first time it has happened as far as I know. Rugby is growing up!!

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