Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Smart

We started back up really training yesterday, and he did wonderfully. He likes the broad jump a lot and his fronts are getting straighter and straighter. The high jump was okay, but we moved it to a different place in the yard and he had a little trouble generalizing, so I just snapped his line back on him to get him used to doing it again.

The retrieve on the flat got a little bit sloppy so we spent some time cleaning it up.

Drop on recall is fantastic. We are still at 15ft, and I think he needs some more practice at this distance before we spread it out more but I can't complain. He goes down when I tell him, and comes when I call him.

We sort of neglected the heeling, and we need to start again.

Today was the first day of school for me so Rugby didn't do much. After school I took him out with one of his articles and found some good places to hide it and he did well. A couple of times I had to repeat myself. It was pretty dark out though so I think he really did have to use his nose.

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