Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today bright and early Ruggers got a bath and a haircut. After we worked today I set him up to take a couple pictures.

As far as working went, he was great. The only thing we really need to push is the drop on recall. Today was the first day we took it off the lunge line and he was ok after just one bad one, where he went down way to slow (as in...he wasn't really going to go down and I had to remind him what he was doing. ). Then he got that out of his system and got it right again.
We do need to work on our fronts and finishes, they are a little bit sloppy. He isn't giving me straight fronts consistently enough for me to be satisfied.
Scent work is great too. Another week of sending him for it on a find command before we can move on.
Rugby is on a roll. Need to find some matches to go to with both Rugby and Pete. :)

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