Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Madden 2010

No, Rugby doesn't play video games, but he does help to fix them!

When my brother went to start a game of Madden against my dad, and the disk couldn't be read they did a quick google search to find out how to take the console apart to clean it. My dad was holding the screwdrivers while my brother fooled around with the box when Rugby wandered over.

I watched as my dad looked down at Rugby and said hello. He proceeded to "drop" one of the screwdrivers on the ground and told Rugby to fetch. Rugby willingly obliged and brought it back. My dad seemed pleased and patted him on the back with a "good boy, Rugby." Rugby seemed pleased too, wagging his tail and throwing his head up in a miniature fit of pride.

Is it possible that my dad is starting to speak Rugby's language??