Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I first started feeding Rugby raw, I set up a system of daily, Rugby-sized portions of food. Some of the bags had raw meaty bones, some of them just ground meat, and some a mixture of the two. It worked for a while untill Rugby threw his all too common not eating fits. Then in my attempt to make him eat, I had to rearrange the bags of food, and had left overs, and then had to search for bags with appropriate portions of food....
Basically it didn't work out as nicely as I planned.

Considering it is 2010 it is time for a new plan. The new plan consists of individually freezing everything so that in the morning I can pick and choose what I want Rugby to eat, then put it in the fridge to defrost for dinner. Turkey necks got cut into 4 pieces and frozen individually. Duck necks got cut into halves. Rabbit chunks were frozen in groups of 3. Pinkie rabbits and chicken necks were also frozen individually. I bought liver the other day too, and froze those individually. After all of that, our only problem was figuring out how do deal with the ground meat.

These are Rugby's brand new meat-cicles. Just took four ice cube trays to do it. We are going to do this for the ground Beef/bones/organs/tripe and the ground Goat/bones/organs/tripe and then also for the green tripe that we have. I am pleased with how it turned out so far. I am hopeing that they will also defrost quicker in the nugget form as well.

We also have a plan for getting our New Years Resolution of the CDX and UD for this year.

March 18, 19th and 20th we are going to a show in PA for our first attempt at the CDX, and we figured since we will be there we are going to show in Rally Novice too. Then we won't feel like compete failures if the CDX falls through.

May 8th is the Maltese Specialty in Georgia. We are going to show in Open there too. Best part of the show is that Rugby's littermate lives in the same city!! Hopefully Rugby will get to have a play date with his brother and his brothers housemate maltese.

So we don't get bored of all this open, considering he is done learning the open exercises and all that we have to work on untill then is polishing it up and working drills...
We are starting to spend some time on Utility exericises. Rugby is getting excited!! :p


  1. That's a pretty good system you seem to have there! I hope it works. I know how the best laid plans go!

  2. Love the meat cicles! I wish i could feed my two such portions ... would certainly help with the monthly food bill :p

  3. You are so organized! Good luck with the CDX and UD. I hope to be back in those rings in a year or 2. Where in GA is the Maltese specialty?

  4. lol...
    The Maltese specialty is in Atlanta.